The new ILCA site is live! Click here to check it out.

After several months of development and time spent remapping the site with a fresh feel, the new ILCA site experience is live. Landscape Web Pros is honored to have been the lead team in creating this new website, assisting both consumers and landscape professionals in utilizing the ILCA experience. We believe that this site will become a hub for growth and change in the landscaping industry. Here is why we think that:

Who is the Illinois Landscape Contractors Association?

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The Illinois Landscape Contractors Association, or ILCA, is a Midwest based association for businesses in the landscaping industry. While most people think that landscaping only extends to their lawn mowing, the landscape industry is much larger than that.

The landscaping industry currently employs over 1 million people in the United Stats alone and reported a market size of 105 billion in 2021. In addition, the industry is trending upwards, at about 2.5% growth per year. ILCA is serving this group as well as the consumer at large.

What does ILCA do?

The ILCA creates a network for both consumers and professionals to connect with the right people. The ILCA holds high standards for the professionals in their network, as shown by the annual landscaping awards they distribute each year. By providing these accolades, as well as membership paraphernalia, consumers know quickly which landscapers they can trust ( a much larger issue within this industry ).

In addition to connecting with consumers, landscape professionals can connect with other industry specialists that can assist or supply them with quality and timely materials. These internal supplier connections create a healthy supply chain of good and services to the downstream professional, increasing his quality and speed. Ultimately, the ILCA is lifting up the entire landscaping industry by showcasing their vetted professional network.

What is so special about this website?

This was a large challenge for our team. We had 3 primary goals:

  • Modify or otherwise improve the visual appeal of the website.
  • Improve user experience for both consumers and contractors
  • Increase the SEO value site wide to generate more exposure

In the coming weeks, we will release a full breakdown of the project and results in a case study. For now, we believe we met the requirements while adding lots of quality of life improvements for the ILCA management team.

I want a new website like ILCA.

Out team specifically serves the landscaping industry. As experts go, we are a leader in landscape marketing ideology. Our team is producing some of the top performing landscaping websites in the country.

Part of our methodology is that our websites are not a final product, but a requirement. They are the base from which amazing landscape marketing programs are built. If you want to know more, visit our services menu or check out our website-included pricing, that is and always will be transparent.

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