The Challenge

Andy had been in business for over 15 years. During that time, he grew the company from 2 employees to well over 30. With an annual gross of ~2 million, his business was functioning, but it wasn’t growing. He wanted to set himself up with a nest egg for retirement, but no matter what he tried, he couldn’t generate enough leads to push past this plateau.

Marketing in Every Direction

A big part of his strategy was to purchase every minor marketing opportunity he was presented. He was sending out mailers, flyers, door hangers, magazine ads, billboards, PPC, Yelp premium, and so much more. Nothing seemed to move the needle.

He then moved on to Home Advisor. For a few bucks, he could purchase real leads. However, after several disappointing sales calls, he discovered the quality was lacking. As a premium hardscaper, they were building outdoor spaces starting at $30k, but many of these leads were looking for a much smaller project.

Lastly, he was using a web company recommended by an ex-employee. They put up a small WordPress website, but spent no time managing or improving SEO. Andy was at his whit’s end.

Landscape Web Pros working on Franks Concrete Co Marketing

What We Did

Andy’s account is a pretty standard situation. We applied our core strategy of website rebuild, SEO, and PPC. Using this basic strategy, we solved many of the issues in the Seasonal Landscape Solution’s funnel.

  • A new website brought the SLS brand up to date online. We added all the definable services that SLS had to offer, a previously missing sectrion of the website. Finally, we added intake forms and call to action segments on all the pages, ensuring interested prospects could connect.

  • A complete search engine optimization package was deployed. Using researched long tail keywords, we were able to identify commonly used keyphrases. By building our SEO strategy this way, we were able to capture the attention of ready shoppers.

  • Once we had a list of long tail keywords from SEO, it is a straightforward process to turn those into paid ad search terms. These ads not only brought in opportunities, it drove more and more traffic to our newly built website.

Our core focus was to highlight the outstanding work the Seasonal Landscape had built in the past.

By bringing Andy’s history of high quality builds to the forefront, we were able to show a proven track record of success. Then, we focused on supplying the knowledge associated with an expert builder.

Growing Traffic

We took Seasonal Landscape to the top of the search, with over 125 keywords in the top 3 results.

Increased Opportunities

With increased local visibility, more opportunities filled out the form. After 2 years on the LWP Marketing Plan, Seasonal is receiving 20-50 leads per week.

Designing a marketing strategy for franks concrete co


After implementing our package, Seasonal Landscape turned their best year to date. With no shortage of quotable opportunities, Andy was able to pick and choose projects. This led to a better work environment and happy customers.

Andy decided to spend LESS on marketing

With the opportunity pipeline filled and proper attribution in place, Seasonal cut over $2500 dollars a month in marketing spend. This meant that our program was a NET SAVINGS for Andy.

No more hunting for leads

With a solid local lead funnel filled to the brim, his team no longer solicits for opportunities. With 2 full time sales engineers, Seasonal Landscape struggles to process and keep up with opportunities. Currently, projects are being scheduled over a year in advance with no slow down in interest.

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