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Everyday, millions of people are searching for information, products, services, and funny cat pictures online. A small portion are even searching for Landscaping and hardscaping services. We make sure that when they type in “paver patio installer” your name is at the top of the list. By creating well structured content and leveraging long term analytics, you stop searching for leads and they start calling you.

Technical SEO

Half of great SEO is great structure. By improving the actual code and HTML structure on your pages, we improve your rankings.

Local SEO

64% of customers search for a local business online. With an optimized web presence, we make sure you show up first for high quality leads.

Content Writing

In order to be number 1 in Google, you have to be a great resource. We create interesting and valuable content to build your domain authority.

Maximize your sales opportunities with searchable services

There are 4 different types of webpages: Informational, Contextual, Functional, and Memorable.

A great service page is a blend of all 4 types.

Informational Webpages

These pages bring critical ideas and information to the reader. With a great layout and well written descriptions, we turn interest into opportunities.

Contextual Pages

Contextual pages bring a unique customer experience to your website. These pages are designed to feel custom created for the user and drive them to engage.

Functional Pages

Functional pages are the typical endpoints for the lead maturation cycle. With intuitive forms and customer driven engagement actions, these capture your new opportunities.

Memorable Pages

While memorable pages may not accomplish the same objectives of the previous three, they are crucial to create organic conversations and keep you top of mind.

How We Perform Your Search Engine Optimization

How We Perform Your Search Engine Optimization

As experts in the Landscaping industry, we are able to shortcut some traditional SEO steps. Namely, we know from experience and application which key words are going to be crucial for your business.

Since we have a firm foundation, we are able to dive directly into a search success review. We analyze your current website performance and identify any weaknesses in your content. This way, when we restructure your website, we are able to capitalize on your previous success and repair your search gaps.

Simply put, we create a Search Engine Optimization Roadmap. This document will forecast our first several months of SEO development.

We review your competition and design our strategy around filling the gaps in their coverage, as well as placing you head to head in their most dominant searches.  By focusing on a lead opportunity objective, we are driving toward success in your local market, rather than wasting time building national presence.

Once we have a roadmap and know our local objectives, we are ready to create content. Our writers know and understand the Landscape Industry and have years of experience writing for SEO success.

With search result focused content created, we then add the structured content to your site. Once placed, with proper HMTL markups and our technical SEO checklist complete, we do our best to promote the content.

Promoting content through any channel possible is key to SEO success. This means using our social media, adwords, backlinks, and any other methods to generate traffic and sharing we can to develop great SEO results.

Once implemented, we need to regularly review and adjust our SEO. Done correctly, and you can be in the top 3 results for your local area indefinitely.

This does 2 things for your business. First, it creates a sense of immensity. You appear to be a big player in the area. Second, it creates a sense of trust. When Google trusts you enough to show you at the top of the results, you must be worthy of trust.

In addition, recreate a monthly report for your records and our analytics team to discuss and observe the impact within your own business.

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Building websites that generate leads


of web experiences begin with a search on a search engine

Most people use the internet like an updated yellow pages and encyclopedia.


of webpages get no traffic from organic search results.

Without proper structure, the likelihood of search success is low.


of Google searchers click on results from the 2nd page.

Unless your result is in the top 10, it is unlikely to be clicked on.

Supercharged Leads from the complete SEO for Landscaping package

At the end of the day, the purpose of marketing is sales opportunities. Search Engine Optimization is a fantastic way to bring in warm, ready to buy leads for your sales team. According to recent statistics, SEO leads have an average close rate of over 14%. However, SEO is a game based on time and longevity, so the sooner we start, the sooner you can close these new leads.

Let’s Increase Your Opportunities

I want to eliminate leads and prospects as a bottleneck in your long term business strategy.

“At first, I seriously doubted SEO as a viable marketing strategy. Now, I cannot keep up with the leads that are calling me.”

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