Grab the Attention of Ready Buyers with Paid Online Advertising

We help landscaper brands of all sizes grow faster, reach more potential clients, and convert better through pay per click advertising.

Search Ads

When a user searches a qualifying term, we make sure that your brand shows up.

Local Ads

Many user will search for businesses in a local area, so we put yours at the top.

Video Ads

Using incredible tracking methods, we can show video to clients interested in engaging with your website.

Great Ads are a combination of Placement and Timing

We have a history of advertising landscaping design build companies. We know which phrases, keywords, and talking points to highlight when building a great ad campaign.

Zero Effort Success

When you turn over your ads to Landscape Web Pros, we take the stress out of planning, designing, building, and tracking campaigns.

Improved Brand Visibility

With a user centered design, we generate warmer leads that are self qualified and interested in your landscaping company.

Jake Tlapek Landscape Web Pros

Landscape Marketing Expert

Building websites that generate leads


of users arriving from a paid ad are more likely to buy than from organic.

76% of people that search will engage with a business within 1 day.


of internet users will see ads from the Google Display Network.

However, Bing’s cost-per-click is 33% lower than Google, on average.


is the global average rate of revenue from Google ad spend.

Landscape Web Pros historical ROI on ads is over 12,000%

Pay Per Click Advertising by Landscape Web Pros

Amazing pay per click ads accelerate great companies with great opportunities

Originally, Landscape Web Pros was an SEO company. Over time, we began to see the value of how well designed PPC campaigns can move the needle for small businesses.

Now, with a trained staff and loads of experience, we are designing campaigns that pull quicker, with higher click through rates. All this and we continue to stand behind lowering your marketing costs.

Let’s Increase Your Opportunities

I want to eliminate leads and prospects as a bottleneck in your long term business strategy.

“I felt the effects of the new website immediately. Within weeks of going live, I was hiring more crews.”

Jake Little

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