The Challenge

Leverage a limited budget for short and long term growth. Utilize as much of the existing architecture as possible to craft opportunities and sales.

No Marketing. No Referrals.

Frank was tired. He had been beating his head to try and find more opportunities. Occasionally a fellow contractor would bring in a project, but the phones weren’t ringing. Worse, he was paying for equipment that wasn’t being used and a website that wasn’t effective. He needed a shift.

As a lifelong labor leader, Frank’s weakest roles were in digital sales. He knew that others were finding opportunities from the internet, so why shouldn’t he? He had hired a local agency that built him a new website, but people still were not contacting him. He needed a fresh pair of eyes on his internet marketing.


Months of Marketing Spend

With a tight budget, Frank needed an effective program.


Leads in 2 years

People were not finding the website or purchasing services.


Project a month

Frank needed to at least break even on his marketing.

Landscape Web Pros working on Franks Concrete Co Marketing

What We Did

With a tight timeline and some narrow bounds to work within, this was a tricky situation. We needed to spend the right amount of time evaluating the account without wasting budget and then implement a hyper-focused solution.

  • Update critical local listings

  • Reorganize website flow for key services

  • Update service page SEO for better CTR

  • Organize potential intake channels

  • Collect Reviews from past clientele

We built a powerhouse Local SEO solution to attract warm search leads

By only improving items that increase Google search results and customer engagement, we were able to keep our focus on a small subset of solutions. These core checklist items are not all encompassing, but they are key factors in local SEO engagements.

Designing a marketing strategy for franks concrete co


After deploying our fix actions and marketing strategies, Frank was excited. He had been looking for a marketing partner that would be able to help him infuse his business. Within a few short months, Franks Concrete was booked solid.

Tracking Growth and Building Upon Success

One of the areas we opted to spend little time was tracking. We believe it is crucial to both our marketing success and your company success. However, due to constraints, we were not able to perform as much attribution as possible.  We believe that Frank’s opportunities may be much higher and there may be prospects that could be retargeted. We are not sure.

Currently, Frank’s Concrete is resuming a full marketing solution and looking forward to expanding on the successes listed here.

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