Improving your online presence gives your existing customers the chance to reconnect with you. They may even learn more about your multitude of services. It also gives you the unique opportunity to connect with your potential customers and hopefully turn them into paying clients.

For your website to be successful, it needs to appear in the top few results on search engines when potential customers search for keywords related to your business. Landscaper SEO Keywords are the words and phrases searchers enter into search engines like Google and Bing when they are interested in some landscaping content. But SEO for landscape contractors isn’t as easy as writing some words on your website.

Some keywords are used by potential customers with buyer’s intent. Buyer Intent Keywords are the keywords that are most used by your potential customers who are ready to make a purchase. If you can convince potential buyers that your website can meet all their landscaping needs, they will be more likely to make a purchase from you.

In order to do this, you have to actually know the Top SEO keywords with buyer’s intent. Without knowing these keywords, how can you grow your digital traffic and convert it to sales? You also have to learn how to use SEO and long-tail keywords for landscapers.

Combine this knowledge to make your site the number 1 choice. When potential clients go to your site, they will want to make a Landscape-related purchase. Creating a focused SEO Campaign can boost your visibility online.

List of The Best SEO Keywords for Landscaping [Updated for 2022]

Luckily for you, we have collected the Top SEO keywords with buyer’s intent for Landscaping and we have them here for you. These landscaping and lawn care SEO keywords and Long-tail SEO keywords include the following:

  • landscape maintenance (4400 searches per month)
  • landscaping service (6600 searches per month)
  • landscape pavers (6600 searches per month)
  • landscape designer near me (6600 searches per month)
  • residential landscaping (8100 searches per month)
  • backyard landscaping (8100 searches per month)
  • garden landscaping (8100 searches per month)
  • front yard landscaping (9900 searches per month)
  • commercial landscaping (9900 searches per month)
  • low maintenance front yard landscaping (14800 searches per month)
  • landscaping services (14800 searches per month)
  • landscape architecture (14800 searches per month)
  • landscape lighting (33100 searches per month)
  • landscapers near me (60500 searches per month)
  • landscaping near me (110000 searches per month)
  • patio installer (880 searches per month)
  • landscaping costs (1900 searches per month)
  • landscape 3d design (70 searches per month)
  • paver driveways (3600 searches per month)
  • poolscape (260 searches per month)
  • landscape design (40500 searches per month)
  • landscape companies near me (22200 searches per month)
  • landscape (165000 searches per month)
  • landscape designs (5400 searches per month)
  • commercial landscape (1300 searches per month)
  • hardscaper (320 searches per month)
  • outdoor pavilion (2400 searches per month)
  • landscaping ideas (33100 searches per month)
  • commercial hardscape (40 searches per month)
  • patio installation near me (2400 searches per month)
  • landscapers (60500 searches per month)
  • hardscape (14800 searches per month)
  • patio paver contractor (10 searches per month)
  • landscape solutions (1300 searches per month)
  • landscape designers near me (12100 searches per month)
  • landscape pergola (40 searches per month)
  • hardscaper near me (720 searches per month)
  • backyard patios (2400 searches per month)
  • landscaping quote (480 searches per month)
  • outdoor kitchens (14800 searches per month)
  • paver patios (6600 searches per month)
  • landscape architect (14800 searches per month)
  • landscape company near me (9900 searches per month)
  • landscape stone (9900 searches per month)
  • landscape and hardscape (390 searches per month)
  • Landscape Company (9900 searches per month)
  • paver walkway (4400 searches per month)
  • pergola (201000 searches per month)
  • patio company (110 searches per month)
  • Landscaper (40500 searches per month)
  • landscaping company (12100 searches per month)
  • landscaping companies (8100 searches per month)
  • Landscaper near me (22200 searches per month)
  • deck (49500 searches per month)
  • outdoor kitchen (49500 searches per month)
  • deck builder (18100 searches per month)
  • Patio builder (1300 searches per month)
  • gazebo (165000 searches per month)
  • Landscaping (135000 searches per month)
  • landscape contractor (1600 searches per month)
  • paver patio (12100 searches per month)
  • Landscaping near me (110000 searches per month)

Landscaping SEO Tips that will help you dominate your niche

Collect and Display Reviews

When you display testimonials and customer reviews on your website, it usually seems more credible to search engines. They are more likely to rank you higher to searchers in and around your area.

Reviews from clients in and around your area will generally boost your local rankings, too. Additionally, social proof is an amazing way to show prospective customers and visitors the quality of the product or service you provide.

Make your Contact Information easily accessible

Your potential customers will not hunt down your contact information when your competitor’s contact information is easily accessible. Therefore, ensure that all your contact information is easily accessible on your site. This includes your physical address, your phone number, your social media, your hours of operation, and all other means of contact.

Optimize your Metadata

According to the United States National Information Standards Organization, Metadata is “Structured information that describes, explains, locates or otherwise makes it easier to retrieve use, or manage an information resource.”  Most others simply this definition by stating that metadata is information about other data.

In SEO terms, metadata refers to information that qualifies and identifies your website. This includes your headlines and sub-headlines, your page descriptions, and your page titles.

As much as possible, ensure that you only have one H1 tag per page. This H1 tag should contain your primary page keyword.

Your Meta description summarizes or describes the content of a particular webpage for the benefit of search engines and users alike. It gives search engines and its users a brief description of what is contained within a webpage.

The meta description is actually the snippet of text that usually appears in the search engine results beneath a web page’s headline. If a web page does not have a meta description, a search engine may choose to pull a snippet of text from the body of the web page to show its users.

Therefore, it is very important that you create an informative and compelling meta description. Try your best to create one that is 154 characters or less.

Page Title

The title of your page is often the first thing that potential customers see when they find your page in search engine results. Therefore, it is very important that you make it compelling. You should also optimize it for the keywords that you want the page to rank highly for. Finally, make your Page Title no longer than 60 characters, or most search engines will cut it off.

Optimize Your Pages for the Local Landscaping Keywords- especially the ones with buyer’s intent

To show up to the customers who are looking for landscaping services in your area, you must optimize for the local keywords that they commonly use. To do this, you will have to research the keywords that are applicable to your locale and optimize your related pages for them.

Tools such as Google’s Keyword Research Tool can help you with this. However, you should not over-stuff your pages with the local landscaping keywords in an attempt to trick the search engines. Doing this will likely get you penalized.

Are you utilizing ‘Google My Business?’

One of the best things you can do to rank highly in local Landscaping searches is to list your business in Google My Business. Google My Business is somewhat of a Yellow Pages for websites, except that it is a lot more popular. It gives you the marvelous opportunity to highlight and manage your customer reviews. Without Google My Business and local SEO, your landscaping business won’t show up on Google maps.

Google My Business is essential for your Landscaping SEO efforts. Ensure that you utilize it because it is free and easy to set up.

Make your Name, Address, and Phone (NAP) data consistent

If your website has inconsistent NAP data, search engines will not rank your site for local landscaping searches. Ensure that your NAP data is consistent everywhere. This way, when search engines crawl the internet for mentions of your business, they will find consistent data and rank you higher in local landscaping search results.

Get Relevant Citations

If you want to rank well on Google and other search engines, these then you have to have many citations online. A citation occurs when other websites make reference to your NAP data and even promote your site.

One of the easiest places to secure a positive citation is through online directory sites. These include sites such as Yellow Pages, Yahoo Local, Superpages, Angie’s List, Citysearch, Facebook, Youtube, Manta, Yelp, and of course, Google My Business. Try to utilize citation sites that are popular in your area and ensure that you get a citation from them.

Getting top ten rankings in local searches related to landscaping is achievable. To improve your landscaping company’s ranking on search engine results pages, use this shortlist of SEO keywords and implement some landscaping SEO tactics. This will help you attract more customers and grow your business. But do you have time as a business owner to do SEO?

Landscape Web Pros SEO services utilizes a robust SEO tracking algorithm. By leveraging two key pieces of software, Rank Math and Semrush, they are able to bring fortune 500 level strategies to the landscaping industry. Contact us today to find out how you can take advantage of these effective SEO for landscapers strategies. Call us today to find our how we are using seo for landscaping companies to help them accelerate growth and achieve business stability. Landscape Web Pros is the top digital marketing agency in the lawn and landscaping industry.

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